KidsWatch 6.0

Monitor what your kids see and do on the computer


  • Lets you limit PC and Internet usage
  • Includes extra options to filter apps, ports and IM communications


  • KidsWatch users are based on Windows users
  • No backdoor option to recover lost admin password

Very good

Are you worried about what your kids do while they're in front of the computer? KidsWatch can lend you a hand, by enabling you to control exactly when and how your children use the computer.

With KidsWatch you can restrict PC and internet usage to only certain days and hours. What's more, you can specifically block certain websites and search terms so that they don't have access to unsuitable content. For the more tech-savvy, you also have the possibility to block ports, monitor IM communications and block access to specific apps.

The program is not difficult to get to grips with, but setting it up may take a while. You need to create user accounts for each child who is going to be using the computer and customize their configuration options.

Be aware that these user accounts are actually based on Windows users, which means there's a lot of user switching involved in changing the program's configuration or testing filters. Also, make sure you don't ever forget the administrator password, because there's no way of recovering it.

KidsWatch lets you control the time your kids spend on the PC and also the kind of content they can access.

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